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The flatbed diecutters (also known as the roller presses) from STAN58
are unexpensive, simple and reliable machines designed to cut and/or crease the sheets of corrugated cardboard (including double-wall), corrugated polypropylene, paper (including sandpaper), vacuum formed trays (both blister and skin-pack types) and similar materials using a standard plywood die.
Flat bed roller presses are what we started with in 1990 and now we have nearly 8001) of them working in Poland, Russia, Czech Republic, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Finland, Israel, Kazakhstan and some ex-Soviet countries so remote that we cannot even begin to spell their names.
The machines use standard plywood dies and come in two versions. In the first version (WW=roller press) both main rolls are made from steel, and each individual sheet lying on the roll table waiting for treatment is covered with PP, PE or PVC sheeting prior to passing between the main rolls to prolong the life of the cutting line edge. In the second version (MW=soft roll), the upper main roll is covered with at least a 10 mm thick layer of plastic cutting material. In this process, only the given sheet is placed on a cutting die before entry into the cutting area.
The second method is faster, but less accurate. We estimate the efficiency rates (in terms of sheets per hour) to be 250 by the first method and 350 by the second one.
Currently our flat-bed presses come in the following dimensions (length of main rolls, mm) : 777, 1000, 1250, 1400, 1600, 1800, 2000, 2400 (i.e. 30″ to 94″).

1) time stamp: May 2019

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